V Quantum Information School and Workshop - Paraty 2015  

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 04-15 Aug 2015

Travel Information

Arriving in Brazil
Paraty lies roughly 250km southwest of Rio de Janeiro and 300km northeast of São Paulo, so both cities are convenient points of entry for those arriving by plane. For general travel information about Brazil, see for example here.

Most Europeans and Latin Americans do not require visas for entry in Brazil, but US, Canadian and Australian citizens, among others, do. Up-to-date information on your country's visa status can be found at the Brazilian Travel Board or Foreign Ministry.

Health & Safety
Paraty is a quiet and safe town. Rio and São Paulo are another matter - when visiting these cities, or any major city in Brazil, you should be mindful of your possessions and avoid calling unnecessay attention to yourself. Pay particular attention when in the environs of bus stations and airports. Regarding health: unless you wish to travel to the Amazon or Pantanal regions before or after the conference, there is no need to take any special health precautions before traveling to Brazil.

Arriving in Paraty: Conference Bus
Special (free) Conference buses will depart from from both Rio and São Paulo on the morning of Monday August 3rd. Click here for further details and to book a seat.

Arriving in Paraty by regular coach
There are frequent, reliable and comfortable coach (bus) lines to Paraty from Rio, São Paulo and other cities. A one-way ticket from either of these cities costs around R$60-70. Timetables and contact numbers in Paraty can be found here or here. For local information about the coach stations click here (Rio) or here (São Paulo). It is also possible to arrange a private shuttle service by contacting Paraty Tours. There are no trains to Paraty.

Arriving in Paraty by car
Paraty is a short way off the BR-101 (Rio-Santos) coastal road connecting São Paulo and Rio via Santos. Coming from Rio, the best route is to follow this road directly. Coming from São Paulo, it is faster to first follow the Via Dutra (São-Paulo-Rio) highway up to Taubaté, and only then turn towards the coast. Click here or here for more detailed directions (in Portuguese). Please note that the Paraty-Cunha road is in very bad condition and is not reccommended. Cars can be rented at Rio or São Paulo airports. Foreign drivers with valid licences and ID are allowed to drive in Brazil.